Coaching and Tuition

Beginner’s Golf

A question often asked is how long will it take to learn? This will vary for each individual dependent upon the amount of time set aside to practice. However, generally speaking, after around six sessions enough basic training has been covered to be able to venture onto a short course.

In beginner coaching we build the movements from which the pupil will be able to launch their golf.

The etiquette of the game is explained, as you build a growing confidence to use the equipment and operate within the rules of the sport.
Individual Coaching

The aim of individual coaching is to improve the playing ability of all golfers. The game consists of many parts, from the almighty drive to the finesse of the putting. Therefore golf coaching includes all these areas.

Graham will work with the player to develop their golf at their own pace and to suit their individual goals.
Established Players

Working on the ball flight, the player will improve the areas which will enable them to build their performance. We consider the psychology of the game, the physiology, and use statistics that will highlight efficiency. We evaluate not only what to work on but how best to work on those areas.

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